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MTN Dew® Kickstart™ Midnight Grape 473mL MTN Dew® Kickstart™ Black Cherry 473mL MTN Dew® Kickstart™ Fruit Punch 473mL MTN Dew® Kickstart™ Orange Citrus 473mL Doritos® Zesty Cheese tortilla chips (80g / 255g) Doritos® Sweet Chili Heat!® tortilla chips (80g / 255g) Doritos® Nacho Cheese tortilla chips (45g / 80g / 255g) LIMITED TIME ONLY Doritos® Sonic Sour Cream® tortilla chips (80g / 250g) MTN Dew® Regular 591mL MTN Dew® Voltage™ 591mL MTN Dew® Code Red® 591mL